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Shipping technology

We offer a complete suite of online computer resources and EDI capabilities

We proactively provide shipment tracking information. You can find out the progress of your freight through our automatic email notifications which let you know when your shipments have been picked up and delivered. Our online resources make it easier and faster to manage your shipment data. We provide instant access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s simple to retrieve proof of delivery (POD), and other useful documents online.

EDI is becoming a “must have” requirement with our volume shippers

We work closely with select clients to bring them fully into the communication loop through EDI. We’ve been involved with this process for decades but have seen greater utilization of this valuable resource over recent years. We are able to send and receive information such as shipment orders, status updates, and trailer manifests. It’s transmitted quickly and accurately, which creates more timely shipment data and reporting to better manage your supply chain.